VIP Membership


Our Silver VIP Memberships are a REAL treat. Stay fully stocked up on our highly scented melts and more each month! This membership plan containing the following items...


x 1 Luxury Scoopable Wax Melt

The Silver VIP Membership also includes one of our NEW Luxury Scoopable Wax Melts pots each weighing approx 150g.


x 1 Luxury Round Segment Wax Melt

The Silver VIP Membership includes one of our Luxury Round Segment Wax Melts each weighing approx 50g.


x 1 Luxury Square Segment Wax Melts 

The Silver VIP Membership also includes one of our Luxury Square Segment Wax Melts each weighing approx 100g.


x 5 Mini Melts in One Organza Bag

The pièce de résistance to our Silver VIP Membership. You will receive one of our beautiful organza backs packed with five highly scented mini melts, making your Luxury Box smell divine on opening. 


Luxury Gift Box (Medium)

All of our VIP Memberships arrive each month inside a beautiful Luxury Gift Box. This is a treat for yourself after all! 

Our VIP subscription boxes are designed to make things easier for you. Simply subscribe and let the Luxury Boxes keep coming. Each month's scents are hand selected by The Wood House Boys, a different theme each month.